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Family Support Groups

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Family Support Groups program gives patients and their families a place to go where they can share information, education and feelings in a comfortable and caring environment. Family Support Groups are for anyone affected by blood cancer and are free. There are currently 230 groups near some of our chapters and in outlying areas, with the number of groups growing each year. Groups generally meet once a month at a library, a local conference room or at LLS's chapters. Two credentialed health/mental health professionals who have extensive oncology and group work experience facilitate all Family Support Groups. They're prepared to handle sensitive issues such as loss, guilt, treatment questions and family stressors. The groups are not a replacement for psychotherapy. They're designed to provide mutual support and education to members who may feel a little less alone by meeting with others whose situations are similar to their own. Family Support Groups can be looked at as a coping tool, in conjunction with your or a loved one's medical treatment.

Find a Support Group Near You To learn more about the Family Support Group nearest you, please contact your local LLS chapter.

Volunteers Needed The following are criteria to become a Family Support Group facilitator: an interest in volunteering time and energy to help blood-cancer patients in the community a minimum of a one-year commitment to the program a graduate-level professional degree in social work, psychology, counseling, oncology, medicine, nursing or clergy experience in leading groups over time experience in oncology an ability to screen patients for appropriateness to group Please contact your local LLS chapter for an application.