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Zoledronic acid

Details of the Drug
Generic Name:
Zoledronic acid
ZOH-le-dron-ik AS-id
Drug Type:
How the Drug is Given:

Intravenously (IV)

Zoledronic acid

Indications and Usage

Zoledronic acid is FDA approved to treat hypercalcemia (high levels of blood calcium) that may occur in patients with some types of cancer, including myeloma. It is also FDA approved along with chemotherapy to treat bone damage caused by myeloma or by cancer that began in another part of the body but has spread to the bones.

Side effects needing medical attention

Black, sticky stools; chest pain; convulsions; irregular heartbeat; lack or loss of strength; lower back or side pain; mood or mental changes; confusion; muscle pain or cramps; muscle trembling or twitching; shaking of hands, arms, feet, legs or face; nausea or vomiting; numbness and tingling around mouth, fingertips or feet; painful or difficult urination; pale skin; shortness of breath or wheezing; difficult or labored breathing; trouble breathing with exercise; rash; cracks in skin at the corners of mouth; soreness or redness around fingernails and toenails; tightness in chest; unusual bleeding or bruising; unusual tiredness or weakness; abdominal pain; bone pain; constipation; dehydration; diarrhea; difficulty swallowing; fever; headache; loss of appetite; pain, swelling or redness in joints; sleepiness or unusual drowsiness; trouble sleeping; swelling of leg; weight loss; white spots on lips, tongue or inside of mouth; hypocalcemia.  

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