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Details of the Drug
Generic Name:
Drug Type:
DNA-damaging agent
How the Drug is Given:

By mouth or Intravenously (IV)


Indications and Usage

Cyclophosphamide is FDA approved to treat several types of cancer, including people who have Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, acute and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute and chronic myeloid leukemia, myeloma, and mycosis fungoides. Cyclophosphamide is usually used in combination with other drugs.

Cyclophosphamide may cause a temporary loss of hair in some people. After treatment has ended, normal hair growth should return, although the new hair may be a slightly different color or texture.

Side effects needing medical attention

If the patient is receiving this medicine by injection: redness, swelling or pain at the place of injection. All recipients: blood in urine; dizziness, confusion or agitation; fever; chills; sore throat; missed menstrual periods; tiredness; cough; side or stomach pain; joint pain; shortness of breath; swelling of feet or lower legs; unusual bleeding or bruising; unusually fast heartbeat; black, tarry stools; sores in mouth and on lips; painful, difficult or unusually frequent urination; excessive thirst; yellow eyes and skin; pinhead-sized red spots on skin or rash; darkening of skin and fingernails; loss of hair; nausea or vomiting (if severe); diarrhea; redness of face; headache; sweating; itching; swollen lips.

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