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LLS Children’s Initiative

Revolutionizing Cures and Care

LLS Children’s Initiative

LLS Children’s Initiative

Revolutionizing Cures and Care

Taking A Revolutionary, New, 360° Approach To Next-level Blood Cancer Care

We’re on a mission to take cancer care to the next level and improve the quality of life for all children with blood cancers.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has been on a mission to save and improve cancer patients’ lives for over 70 years. With the LLS Children’s Initiative, we’re advancing pediatric research globally, bringing together doctors, pharma, researchers, and scientists to find safer, less toxic, more effective treatments. We’re breaking down barriers to create a data commons—a platform that ensures consistency in data reporting, globally—and we’ve accelerated progress and less toxic therapies due to genomic testing and precision medicine.

We’re reimagining blood cancer care for children in every aspect of our mission. Next-level pediatric blood cancer cures and care are closer than you think.

The LLS Children’s Initiative: powering innovative research, treatments, and support.

We are investing well over $100 million over the next five years to support global, collaborative research and treatments for children’s blood cancers, as well as providing a wide range of free education, 1:1 support services, financial assistance, and advocacy on behalf of young patients and their families.

We are so thankful for all of our supporters. Without their help, this would not be possible.

Cures and better care are  achievable.

The LLS Children’s Initiative will realize that belief in everything we do.



We are unstoppable innovators, driving collaborative research around the globe to deliver breakthroughs and cures.

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Patient Education and Support Services


LLS is a trusted partner to pediatric blood cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and families, offering an array of free education and support.

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Policy and Advocacy


We are a bold voice for patients, advocating tirelessly to break down barriers to care and accelerate the development of new treatments.

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We are launching the first ever master clinical trial for pediatric blood cancer patients, using precision medicine to find better, less toxic treatments.

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Information Specialists

Our Information Specialists are highly trained oncology professionals with pediatric expertise who provide free, personalized assistance to patients, families, and healthcare providers. Information Specialists offer guidance through cancer treatment, financial and social challenges, and give accurate, up-to-date disease, treatment, and support information.

Clinical Trial Nurse Navigators

Our Clinical Trial Nurse Navigators are registered nurses with expertise in blood cancers who conduct comprehensive clinical trial searches and personally assist pediatric patients, parents, and caregivers throughout the entire clinical trial process.

Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitian has expertise in pediatric oncology nutrition and provides patients, parents, and caregivers with free nutrition consultations by phone or email.

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