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Walgreens helps raise more than $6 million for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Susan G. Komen to Advance Cancer Research and Increase Access to Care

By LLS Staff | May 03, 2023
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Join us in thanking Walgreens stores and customers across the country for raising over $6 million for LLS and Susan G. Komen during their spring campaign. Donations made at checkout at more than 9,000 U.S. Walgreens locations will be split evenly between the two organizations.

During this multi-year partnership, Walgreens has helped to donate more than $25 million by 2024 to advance research for tough-to-treat cancers and increase equitable access to care.

Support from Walgreens helps LLS advance blood cancer treatments and provide critical support to patients, caregivers, and families—no matter their background or economic status.

Through in-store donations, Walgreens stores across the country, along with store associates and customers, have helped to raise funds that will continue to advance research in metastatic breast and pediatric blood cancers, as well as expanding access to treatment and support services for cancer patients. 

To date, Walgreens’ donations to LLS have helped accelerate the delivery of blood cancer treatments to pediatric patients and provided caregivers and survivors with access to the financial and emotional resources they need throughout their blood cancer journeys.

Funds have also been used to design and launch specialized training courses for Walgreens pharmacists to offer more targeted care and resources for patients battling cancer, and to fund LLS’s Blood Cancer Conferences, which are free education events about treatment options, emerging therapies and managing survivorship.

“Walgreens is a valued and longstanding partner in helping LLS advance blood cancer treatment and provide critical support to patients, caregivers, and their families, regardless of their background or economic status,” said Louis J. DeGennaro, PhD, Past President and CEO of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). “Together we work to identify the serious unmet needs of those affected by cancer, with a shared commitment to reducing health disparities. Funds raised through Walgreens’ annual spring checkout campaign not only help us accelerate groundbreaking research that leads to new blood cancer treatments but ensure that more patients in underrepresented communities can access them.” 

To all the Walgreens store associates and customers who supported this year’s fundraising campaign: we can’t thank you enough. Together, we’re saving more lives and improving quality of life for patients and their families