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MULTIlayer Predictive models for relapsed MCL after ibrutinib as first line therapY (MULTIPLY)

Dr. Dreyling

Martin Dreyling


Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Project Term: July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2027

The MULTIPLY is a large multi-institutional project aimed at characterization of a variety of clinical predictors, both baseline and at relapse through three interconnected Work Packages (WP) with the following objectives: I) Identification of clinical factors affecting prognosis and characterization of relapses; II) Identification of lymph node biomarkers III) characterization of liquid tissue associated biomarkers. All parameters will be integrated through biostatistical and artificial intelligence tools to establish a comprehensive model of relapse prediction and optimal salvage treatment. The proposal is conducted by the Eu-MCL-Network which is the largest group conducting clinical and translational research worldwide in MCL including the largest phase III trials ever conducted. MULTIPLY will exploit the extensive dataset and tissue bank of the TRIANGLE trial that will be presented as abstract #1 at the ASH plenary session. This study will establish a novel standard by the addition of ibrutinib to first-line treatment, but will also raise relevant issues for prediction and management of disease relapse in first-line BTK-era. The expected results will be the generation of comprehensive integrated models for relapse prediction MCL and development of an effective platform to develop rational chemotherapy-free strategies based on genetic alterations of the malignant cell and innovative biomarker-driven strategies.

Lay Abstract

The EuMCLNetwork is a large international consortium performing clinical and translational research in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). Of note, it has established several novel standards of care in MCL. Triangle is the largest trial ever conducted in MCL, it will be presented as abstract #1 at the ASH plenary session establishing a new standard by the addition of ibrutinib to first-line treatment. The study included extensive biological baseline and multiple follow-up samplings, generating a large tissue collection for translational research.

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