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Todd Fehniger, MD PhD

St. Louis, WA
United States

Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Fehniger is a physician-scientist that leads a research program focused on translational NK cell biology and therapy. His group pioneered studies characterizing memory-like (ML) NK cell biology and activity against AML and has led clinical trials advancing ML NK cell adoptive therapy for both adult and pediatric patients. Dr. Fehniger is director of the Biologic Therapies Core Facility and Laboratory Director of the Center for Gene and Cellular Immunotherapy. His team developed the platform and protocols for production of GMP grade ML NK cells for use in academic clinical trials. His lab performs correlative immunology to understand ML NK cell biology and identify mechanisms of resistance to NK cells in patients. Dr. Fehniger has extensive experience in human NK cell biology, flow and mass cytometry, single cell analysis, and immunotherapy. For the proposed clinical trial, Dr. Fehniger will work with clinical co-investigators in pediatric and adult stem cell transplant programs.

Program Name(s)
Academic Clinical Trials Program (ACT)
Specialized Center of Research Program
dr. Fehniger