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Thomas LeBlanc, MD, MA, MHS, FAAHPM

Durham, NC
United States

Duke University

I am a board-certified oncologist and palliative care physician, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Duke University School of Medicine, and member of the Duke Cancer Institute. My practice focuses on the care of patients with blood cancers, while my research examines “patient experience” issues in hematology. As founding director of the Cancer Patient Experience Research Program (CPEP), I conduct randomized trials of integrated palliative care interventions in cancer care, and other patient experience studies, and have published over 175 manuscripts to date. I co-led the first-ever multisite, randomized trial of integrated palliative care in hematology, showing that palliative care integration dramatically improves quality of life, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress among patients with acute myeloid leukemia hospitalized for high-dose chemotherapy. I am widely recognized as a leading expert in palliative care and patient experience research in hematology.

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Dr. LeBlanc