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Takeshi Sugio, MD, PhD

Palo Alto, CA
United States

Stanford University

I am a physician-scientist and hematologist focused on clinical translation of T-cell biology. I received my MD from Kyushu University, and subsequently completed Residency Training at Toranomon Hospital, the largest transplant center in Japan. I continued my Hematology training at Kyushu University, where I qualified as a Board-certified specialist (2017) and supervisory hematologist (2021) by the Japanese Society of Hematology. For my PhD (2014-19), I studied expression profiles and histologic features of TCLs. I discovered distinct TCL clinical groups identified by infiltrating immune cell patterns in the microenvironment. Based on my dissertation work (Sugio, et al 2018 Blood Advances), I planned and conducted a Phase II trial of PD1 inhibition for relapsed/refractory TCL (UMIN000034499). In 2020, I received a JSPS fellowship to study the TCL microenvironment. I joined the Alizadeh lab at Stanford in 2021, where I am developing tools to analyze immune status using liquid biopsies.

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Dr. Sugio