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Patrizia Mondello, MD PhD

Rochester, MN
United States

Mayo Clinic

I am a physician-scientist focusing on the biology and therapeutic targeting of B-cell lymphoma. I trained in Medical Oncology in Italy. Given my interest in the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development, I enrolled in a PhD program in Cellular Biology and Experimental Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK). I explored the impact of novel therapeutic agents aimed at disrupting well-defined oncogenic signaling pathways. I pursued postdoctoral studies at Weill Cornell. The focus of my postdoctoral research was aberrant epigenetic programming and development of precision therapies in B-cell lymphoma. I then honed my clinical expertise in lymphoma as an advanced fellow at MSK. I further enhanced my research skills in immunotherapy and epigenetic as an advanced fellow at Mayo Clinic. Most recently, I have started my independent research program at Mayo Clinic focusing on epigenetic dysregulations in B cell malignancies and their impact on the tumor microenvironment.

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