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Michael Savona, MD

Nashville, TN
United States

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dr. Savona is the Head of Hematology, Cellular Therapy and Stem Cell Transplant, the Beverly and George Rawlings Director of Hematologic Malignancies Research, and Professor of Internal Medicine and Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt University.

He is a physician scientist specializing in the development of experimental therapies for myeloid malignancies. He has led development and approval of several novel treatments targeting the proteosome, BCL2 family proteins, PI3 kinase delta, the JAK/STAT pathway, and various epigenetic agents. He studies clonal hematopoiesis (CH) and experimental opportunities to alter the progression of CH to myeloid neoplasia and/or vascular disease. He has been involved medical research for over 20 years and has published over 100 manuscripts in major academic journals including: Cancer Discovery, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Nature Medicine, Blood, Cell Stem Cell, Lancet Oncology, Lancet Haematology, JAMA, and Nature Reviews.

He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom for the USAF.

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Michael Savona