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Hao Jiang, PhD

Charlottesville, VA
United States

University of Virginia

Hao Jiang got his Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University in China and his PhD degree from the Johns Hopkins University. After postdoctoral studies at the Rockefeller University, he established his laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2011. He was recruited to the University of Virginia in 2018. Dr. Jiang has been working on regulation of gene expression in stem cells and cancers, especially blood cancers. He has discovered that cancer cells, but not normal cells, become addicted to a protein that modifies chromatin (the physical platform of our genetic information) to control the expression of many genes. His group is developing strategies to inhibit the activity of this protein to suppress blood cancer. Dr. Jiang is also studying how some chromatin-regulators control blood cancer development by forming liquid-like droplets to concentrate crucial biochemical activities, and how this novel molecular property can be targeted or harnessed for developing new strategies to treat blood cancers.

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Career Development Program
Hao Jiang