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Daniel Herranz, PharmD, PhD

New Brunswick, NJ
United States

Rutgers University

A PharmD by training, I then obtained my PhD guided by Dr. Manuel Serrano at the CNIO studying Sirt1 role in metabolism and cancer, which led to 4 first-author and 1 corresponding papers, plus 11 co authorships. Next, I joined the Ferrando Lab at Columbia University where I published two seminal papers identifying a NOTCH1-driven Myc enhancer critical for T-cell development and leukemia, and dissecting the role of cancer metabolism in the resistance to anti-NOTCH1 therapy. I started my independent career at Rutgers in July 2017. In these 4 years, I have established a highly successful and productive laboratory, as reflected by the multiple funding sources obtained (including R01, ACS or AACR grants, among others), as well as by the publication of 3 corresponding author studies: a Blood Cancer Discovery paper identifying an enhancer of PTEN in leukemia; a Leukemia paper describing the antileukemic effects of SHMT inhibition; and a Blood paper describing the therapeutic effects of mitochondrial uncoupling in T-ALL.

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Career Development Program
Dr. Herranz