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Supporting The Next Generation of Research

A key component of The LLS Children’s Initiative is supporting cutting edge research to accelerate the most impactful pediatric cancer science worldwide.

LLS has committed to more than doubling our funding of research grants to find safer and more effective therapies for children, teens and young adults with blood cancers.

 The areas of focus include: 

  • Harnessing the immune system to kill cancer cells
  • Improving detection of small traces of cancer cells left after treatment that can lead to relapse
  • Identifying patients most likely to respond to therapy and develop new approaches for high-risk patients who are resistant to currently available therapies
  • Addressing the long-term effects of treatment such as cardiotoxicity, infertility and cognitive impairments

LLS is currently funding approximately 30 research projects specifically focused on childhood blood cancers. Further, LLS also supports grants that are relevant to adolescent and young adult cancer patients.

The pediatric grants are part of The LLS Children’s Initiative, a $100 million comprehensive attack on children’s cancer from every angle, from new research investment to advance novel therapies and bolster clinical trials, to enhanced services and support for children and their families, to renewed policy efforts. LLS is also planning an unprecedented global precision medicine clinical trial for children with acute leukemia as part of the initiative.

To read more about some of the pediatric research grants awarded this fall click here.


image: Researcher Kasey Leger, MD,  Seattle Children’s Hospital

"This LLS award will improve our ability to protect the hearts of pediatric AML patients from the harmful effects of therapy, which threatens long-term cardiovascular health. This study will augment our ability to identify children at highest risk for heart failure to allow timely initiation of medications to preserve heart function."