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Yusuke Isshiki, MD PhD

New York, NY
United States

Weill Cornell Medicine

I graduated from Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan and completed my residency and clinical training in the Department of Hematology at Chiba University Hospital. In addition to my clinical career, I was also trained in Dr. Atsushi Iwama’s lab as a Ph.D. student. My project was focused on epigenetic dysregulation in lymphoid neoplasms, and I acquired deep knowledge of experimental hematology, mastered techniques such as FACS analysis and chromatin immunoprecipitation, and developed skills for the analysis of genomic and epigenomic sequencing data. After completing my thesis, I moved to Dr. Ari Melnick’s lab at Weill Cornell Medicine as a postdoctoral associate. My major research interest is to improve the outcome of poor prognosis B cell lymphoma by mechanism-based epigenetic targeting therapy, and my future professional goal is to start my laboratory as a physician-scientist and perform innovative translational research based on solid mechanistic biology.

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Dr. Isshiki