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Samuel Taylor, PhD

Bronx, NY
United States

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

My name is Sam Taylor and I am a postdoctoral fellow sponsored by the LLS. I originally completed my postgraduate training at the University of Western Australia where I studied the effects of specific anti-leukemia drugs and how they can be repurposed to protect cancer patients from the toxicity of chemotherapy. After completion of my PhD, I decided that I wanted to continue working in cancer research with an emphasis on new therapeutic approaches and, eventually, would like to run my own research laboratory. With that in mind, I took up a postdoctoral position in Prof. Ulrich Steidl’s laboratory at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY where I have continued studies into new and promising drugs to combat leukemia. When I am not buzzing around in the lab, I enjoy trying new activities and getting outdoors as much as possible – most recently I have been attempting to surf (despite being Australian I had never tried surfing until here at the Rockaways in NY!)

Program Name(s)
Career Development Program
Samuel Taylor