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Kehan Ren, PhD

Chicago, IL
United States

Northwestern University

With undergraduate training in Laboratory Medicine and graduate training in Pathology, I have built a strong understanding and compassion for human diseases. Through performing autopsies during my Ph.D. training, I strongly realized how difficult it is to get the whole picture of the progression of diseases under the microscope, yet basic science research is the unneglectable pathway to gaining an understanding of the mechanism of disease development, which would ultimately translate into disease prevention and treatment.

As a postdoc at Dr. Peng Ji’s lab at Northwestern University, I am exposed to state-of-art technologies like spatial transcriptomics and single-cell RNA sequencing which greatly helped me dissect the detailed pathological changes in human hematological disorders. I am always driven by the passion and curiosity to pursue the answers to scientific questions, which are the key components to a sustainable and fruitful research career to my understanding.

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Dr. Ren