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  • Cancer and Your Finances

    Update 08.01.2014

    This booklet describes health insurance options and resources to help patients and their families cope with the financial aspects of cancer care.

  • Co-Pay Assistance Program

    Update 05.01.2014

    This two-sided bilingual card includes information about LLS's Co-Pay Assistance Program and how to apply.

  • Each New Day

    Update 04.01.2012

    This booklet can help you identify what you need to know and do to cope with your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

  • Financial Assistance P...

    Update 07.27.2015

    Bilingual brochure with information about the Financial Assistance Program for PCR Testing.

  • Here to Help

    Update 09.30.2015

    This bilingual brochure describes the resources and support that LLS offers to patients and caregivers affected by blood cancers.

  • Patti Robinson Kaufman...

    Update 11.01.2013

    The is currently out of stock. Please check back soon to order a copy. This brochure describes LLS's Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program where patients connect with a trained volunteer.