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  • Advocacy Brochure

    Update 04.01.2017

    The LLS Office of Public Policy partners with patients, family members, and healthcare providers across the country to advocate for legislation and policies that help blood cancer patients live longer, better lives.

  • Blood Cells/Lymphatic System

    Update 02.01.2012

    Two-sided color chart with information about blood cells and the lymphatic system that can be used by healthcare professionals as a patient education tool.

  • Cancer and Your Finances

    Update 07.15.2018

    This booklet describes health insurance options and resources to help patients and their families who are coping with the financial aspects of cancer care, and includes worksheets to help you stay organized.

  • Cancer Molecular Profiling

    Update 01.23.2018

    This fact sheet provides information about molecular profiling, which allows doctors to identify gene mutations and figure out if one treatment may work better than another.

  • Cancer-Related Fatigue Facts

    Update 10.31.2016

    This fact sheet addresses some common questions that people may have about cancer-related fatigue.

  • Choosing a Blood Cancer Specialist or Treatment Center

    Update 03.01.2015

    This fact sheet provides general information about choosing a blood cancer specialist or treatment center.

  • Co-Pay Assistance Program

    Update 05.01.2017

    This two-sided bilingual card includes information about LLS's Co-Pay Assistance Program and how to apply.

  • Dental and Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment Facts

    Update 09.16.2016

    This fact sheet can help you understand the dental and oral complications of cancer treatment, and what you should do before and during treatment.

  • Each New Day

    Update 04.01.2012

    This booklet can help you identify what you need to know and do to cope with your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

  • Facts 2017-2018

    Update 04.30.2018

    Facts 2017-2018 is an update of data available for blood cancers.

  • Fertility Facts

    Update 11.01.2014

    This fact sheet can help you understand how blood cancers and treatment for blood cancers can affect fertility.

  • Food and Nutrition Facts

    Update 02.25.2017

    This fact sheet discusses how eating well helps people living with cancer to feel better and stay stronger.

  • Graft-Versus-Host Disease

    Update 12.06.2017

    This fact sheet provides information about graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).

  • Help With Finances

    Update 10.31.2018

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) offers financial assistance to help individuals with blood cancer.

  • Here to Help

    Update 07.01.2017

    This bilingual brochure describes the resources and support that LLS offers to patients and caregivers affected by blood cancers.

  • Managing Stress: How stress affects you and ways to cope

    Update 10.31.2018

    Information about how stress affects you and tips for stress management.

  • Pain Management Facts

    Update 05.01.2013

    This fact sheet provides information about pain management.

  • Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program

    Update 07.01.2016

    This brochure describes LLS's Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program where patients connect with a trained volunteer.

  • Personalized Nutrition Consultations

    Update 01.31.2018

    Get a free one-on-one nutrition consultation with a registered dietitian with expertise in oncology nutrition.

  • Personalized Support

    Update 09.08.2015

    This bilingual English/Spanish palm card includes information about LLS's Information Specialists.

  • Sexuality and Intimacy Facts

    Update 05.01.2016

    This fact sheet provides information about how your disease and treatment may affect your sexuality and intimate relationships.

  • Understanding Lab and Imaging Tests

    Update 12.01.2012

    This booklet describes a number of diagnostic and monitoring tests and what to expect.

  • Where do Blood Cancers Develop?

    Update 03.20.2018

    Chart illustrating where blood cancers arise in normal blood cell formation.