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New Relationships

If you're in a new relationship or planning to start dating, you will likely wonder how to tell someone that you have cancer. Before you begin dating, consider any physical changes, as well as changes in the way you perceive yourself, both positive and negative, since your cancer diagnosis. If you're uncomfortable with these changes, spend time reconnecting to your body and finding things about yourself that you appreciate. It may help to:

  • Share your story at your own pace; there's no right or wrong time to tell. However, you should probably discuss your diagnosis before there's a close emotional attachment. If the other person is uncomfortable knowing you are a survivor, there will be less heartache or conflict.
  • Take advantage of survivorship conferences and camps to connect with other survivors and hear their stories.
  • Be positive and find laughter in your life.
  • Tell a friend about your worries or fears so you have someone who will encourage you.
  • Talk to a social worker or counselor about your concerns.

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