What We Do

Though LLS is known for funding groundbreaking research to find better treatments and cures, we do so much more.

We provide free information, education and support services for those who are impacted by blood cancer. We fight for lifesaving policy changes at the state and federal level to ensure access to quality, affordable, coordinated care. We are committed to working tirelessly toward our mission every single day, until we find a cure. We focus on three key areas:


Since 1949, LLS has supported remarkable scientists whose work has led to breakthrough advances in blood cancer treatments. To date, LLS has invested more than $1.2 billion in cutting-edge research, funding nearly all of today’s most promising advances, and bringing us closer to cures.

Education & Support

As the leading source of free blood cancer information, education and support for patients, survivors, families and healthcare professionals, LLS helps patients navigate their cancer treatment and ensures they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care

Policy & Advocacy:

Through our nationwide grassroots network of 100,000 volunteers, LLS advocates for policies at the state and federal level, and is committed to removing barriers to care for blood cancer patients.