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Move Beyond Your Cancer Identity

By Erin Michaela Sweeney |

Do you feel stuck in your world of cancer? I used to.

Now, in my author bio, I usually list myself as a writer, mommy, yogini, daughter, editor, sister, and napper extraordinaire. Notice how I skipped over that I’m in remission from leukemia? I’m not lying by omission, it’s just not a big deal to who I am because I’ve moved beyond cancer as my identity. And you can, too.

Think of yourself as a “recoverer” from cancer. The more you positively believe you are recovering, the better you will feel about the situation.

Whether you’re in the middle of treatments or a couple of years out from diagnosis, don’t let blood cancer be the sole focus of your life. Remember you are a recoverer, not a victim or someone doing battle with your own body.