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A phase 1/2 study of adoptively transferred T lymphocytes targeting WT1, PRAME and Cyclin A1 in AML or MDS patients with relapsed disease after matched allogeneic HCT




TAP Partner

Project Term: October 6, 2017 - TBD

In October 2017, NexImmune benefitted from an initial TAP investment and now in 2021 received a second investment as part of the company’s initial public offering to support "A Phase 1 / 2 Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Initial Anti-Tumor Activity of Adoptively Transferred T Lymphocytes in AML or MDS Patients With Relapsed Disease After Matched Allogeneic HCT." The antigen-specific T-cell immunotherapy from NexImmune is designed to target multiple tumor antigens associated with  AML (NEXI-001). Moreover, in AML patients, CAR-T therapies have yet to demonstrate significant antitumor activity and immunocheckpoint inhibitors have shown only marginal efficacy when given as a monotherapy in blood cancers outside of Hodgkin lymphoma. The initial goal of these early clinical trials is to demonstrate safety, T-cell persistence, and determine preliminary patient benefit.

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