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Takeshi Egawa, PhD, MD

St. Louis, MO
United States

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

After finishing medical school, I was initially trained as a physician in general internal medicine and hematology. The experience in the clinical training drove into in-depth basic research in processes by which how normal blood cells and immune cells develop and function at cellular levels during my PhD, then further expanded my research to study lymphocytes at gene levels during my post-doctoral training. In the past several years, my laboratory has investigated how errors in the regulation of genes that are otherwise essential and beneficial for normal lymphocytes and other cells cause leukemia and lymphoma. Specifically, we are studying function of the gene called MYC, which is essential for activity of many types of cells in the body, but is associated with leukemia and lymphoma when it is mutated or de-regulated. Goals of our research is to provide insights into causes of the diseases, assessment of the risk of disease progression, and targetable pathways for new therapies.

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Takeshi Egawa