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Robert Albero Gallego, PhD

New York, NY
United States

Columbia University Medical Center

My career goal is to tackle the complex challenges of blood malignancies. I have devoted the past ten years to increase our understanding of lymphoma biology, both in European and American laboratories. I obtained my PhD in Campo’s lab  (Hospital Clinic, Barcelona), a top-notched institution in translational research. There, I became a member of the lymphoid neoplasms program working in close collaboration with more than fifty specialists from fields such as functional genomics and hematology. My research unveiled new vulnerabilities in mantle cell lymphoma, an incurable blood cancer. Currently, and thanks to the LLS CDP grant, I work in Dr Ferrando lab (Columbia University), an international leader in the study of acute leukemia and T cell lymphoma. I characterized a group of DNA elements, known as enhancers, which lock leukemia cells in a differentiation-arrested state. Targeting these regions and the proteins involved in their activation may lead to develop new therapeutic options.

Program Name(s)
Career Development Program
Robert Albero Gallego