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Matthew Schwede, MD

Stanford, CA
United States

Stanford University

Dr. Matthew Schwede received his A.B. in Statistics from Harvard University in 2010 and M.D. from Brown University in 2015. After completing internal medicine residency at the University of California, San Francisco, he graduated hematology/oncology fellowship at Stanford University in 2022 and is currently a postdoctoral fellow studying myeloid blood diseases, clinical informatics, and machine learning in Ravindra Majeti’s and Jonathan Chen’s labs. Dr. Schwede focuses on both clonal evolution in acute myeloid leukemia using single-cell genomics and the use of modern computational tools to improve clinical decision-making. As a physician and data scientist, he has experience leading diverse projects related ovarian cancer, autism, and the acute respiratory distress syndrome. He is currently completing a Master’s in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford and is passionate about using computational tools and artificial intelligence to personalize care for each patient.

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