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Elvin Wagenblast, PhD

Toronto, ON

University Health Network

Elvin Wagenblast is originally from Germany and completed his undergraduate studies at Heidelberg University in Germany. Afterward, he moved to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York to complete his Ph.D. with Dr. Greg Hannon working on breast cancer. In 2015, he moved to Toronto to start his post-doctoral studies with Dr. John Dick working on leukemia. Since then he has been working on using gene-editing technologies to create experimental models of human leukemia and recently focused on childhood leukemia, specifically a subtype of leukemia that affects Down syndrome children. In 2020, he was awarded a Special Fellow award from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to support his career towards an independent position. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and ride his bike around Toronto.

Program Name(s)
Career Development Program
Elvin Wagenblast