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C. Ola Landgren, PhD, MD

New York, NY
United States

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

He is Professor of Medicine, Chief of Myeloma Program, Leader of Experimental Therapeutics Program at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Over the past several years, he designed and conducted a series of studies to define biological mechanisms of transformation from myeloma precursor disease (MGUS, smoldering myeloma) to multiple myeloma. Beyond traditional clinical criteria for complete remission, he developed strategies to define minimal residual disease (MRD) detection post-therapy in multiple myeloma using cell-, molecular-, and imaging-based methods. Has a strong track record in drug development and served as a principal investigator for many clinical trials, with particular focus on early drug development and correlative science. He leads the clinical and research operations along with the development of the Myeloma Program. He is a frequent speaker and faculty member for national and international meetings on myeloma and hematologic malignancies. He is a member of several editorial boards and serves as a reviewer for grants and several high-impact journals.

Program Name(s)
RTFCCR/LLS Prevention
C. Ola Landgren