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Take Stock of Your Investments

Take Stock of your Investments1

If you own stock that is worth more today than what you paid for it, you can capture the investment gain, save taxes, and achieve your charitable giving goals all in one simple transaction. 

When you donate appreciated stock that you've owned for at least one year, your gift is valued at the current market price even though you bought the stock for a lower amount. And the gift value is the amount you are eligible to deduct against this year's income taxes. But that's not all. You will also avoid the capital gains tax that would be due on the increased value if you sell the stock. 

This double tax benefit, along with new taxes that higher-income people are now paying on investment income, can make appreciated stocks a useful currency for charitable giving.  

Want to know more about leveraging investment assets to support blood cancer research? Contact Richard Schneyer, vice president of development, at legacy@LLS.org or at 1-888-773-9958. Or click on www.LLS.org/stocks.

last updated on Thursday, July 31, 2014

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