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Real Estate Gifts

Real estate, perhaps in the form of an unused vacation property, might offer options for charitable giving.

Outright Gift

A gift of residential, commercial or undeveloped property without a mortgage can provide multiple benefits to donors:

  • deduct full market value
  • avoid capital gain on increased value
  • significantly reduce taxable estate

After we review your offer and evaluate the property's condition and marketability, you will want to confer with your tax advisor and obtain an independent appraisal to value the property and substantiate your deduction per IRS requirements.

Charitable Trust

Through a trust, you can convert your non-income-producing property into one that delivers regular income for yourself or someone else for lifetime or for a set term of years.

Donate Your Home and Live There Too

Donate your home or vacation home and continue to live in it for your lifetime or for a set term of years. With this "retained life estate" you receive an immediate tax deduction for a portion of your home's appraised value.

You continue to cover all routine expenses such as upkeep, taxes and insurance. When you no longer need the property, LLS will use sale proceeds for the purpose you designate.

Get More Information

To inquire about a gift of real estate, call Richard Schneyer, vice president of development, at (888)773-9958 or e-mail him at legacy@lls.org.

last updated on Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Why LLS?

Your gift will be used to fund vital research and support our patient and community services.

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