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Update Your Will

Fiscal Year is Changing- Are you Prepared?

There are certain "seasons" when people focus on personal planning.  Winter is one when many smart folks take time to consider wills.  Do I have one?  Do I need one?  Is it up to date?

Without a will, you beome an "involuntary philanthropist" whose assets will automatically pass to your Uncle Sam.  However, if you'd prefer to make your own choices and distribute assets to people and causes that matter most to you, a will can give you peace of mind.

Get started today.  Request our free brochure, Your Will To Help.  Or if you already have a will, ask for Update Your Will.  We offer both without obligation to help you follow through right away on your New Year's resolution. 

Someday is Today defines how LLS is saving lives now. You can set Today as the Someday to update your will.

Contact Richard Schneyer, Vice President of Development at legacy@lls.org or 888-773-9958 for more information.

last updated on Thursday, July 31, 2014

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