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Five Hidden Resources for Improving Cash Flow

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  • The U.S. Treasury has a campaign to "Find Old Bonds, Get New Cash". Billions of dollars in savings bonds are lost or expired. To see if your savings bonds are still earning interest, or to learn if it?s time to cash them in, visit:


    If you don't have internet access or need some assistance we will be glad to help you.  Give our planned giving team a call at 888-773-9958 and tell them you need assistance with the "treasury hunt."
  •  If you do have a stash of old savings bonds, consider cashing them in and giving the proceeds for a charitable gift annuity. You'll receive payments for life, partly tax free, and a charitable deduction that can offset interest on your bonds.  To find out more about ways to convert savings bonds to income call our planned giving office at 888-773-9958 or send us an email to legacy@lls.org using the subject line "Income from bonds."
  • Life insurance can often be converted into a paid-up annuity. Or you can cash a surplus policy and reinvest the proceeds to provide retirement income. Many of our contributors have found they have outgrown an old life insurance policy and are happy to put it to good use. We would be pleased to discuss options and ideas with you.  Contact us for a no-obligation review or request our "Gifts of Insurance" newsletter at legacy@lls.org.
  • Your house could be used to create additional revenue. If you are downsizing or considering a move to a retirement community you can sell your house and reinvest the proceeds. If capital gains taxes are a problem, you might consider creating a charitable remainder trust funded with the home. Request our pamphlet "Trusts for Tomorrow" by phone at 888-773-9958 or by email to legacy@lls.org.
  • If you receive large tax refunds every year, consider increasing your cash flow by reducing the amount of your withholding or estimated tax payments. Talk to your employer, your tax advisor, or our planned giving team for the forms required to change your withholding information and boost your income right away.

Our Planned Giving office exists to help our friends, patients, volunteers and donors with tax-wise gift strategies that help save lives. There is never a cost, obligation or sales promotion attached to your inquiry. You can help support our work in fighting blood cancers through wise gift planning or through a gift in your will or retirement plan. During the last 60 years The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has invested more than $875 million to develop blood cancer therapies, helping to double, triple and even quadruple the survival rate for many blood cancers.   Contact Ed Rodbro, National Director of Planned Giving at legacy@lls.org or 888-773-9958 for more information.

last updated on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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