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Gift Strategies in Low Interest Rate Environments

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Tax-free gift annuity payments. Donors who purchase charitable gift annuities enjoy reliable fixed payments for life and an income tax deduction when making the gift. As an added benefit in the low interest rate environment such as we have now, a greater portion of each fixed payment is free of income tax. In fact, today's donors can expect 70% - 85% of their gift annuity payments to be tax free throughout their life expectancy. Interested in learning how one or two beneficiaries might use a charitable gift annuity? Contact Ed Rodbro for more information.

Give a home but keep living there.  Recently LLS received a gift of a donor's personal residence through a bequest in her will.  Another option ? especially while interest rates are low ? might be to give a personal residence (or vacation home) today but keep the right to live in the house for as long as you live. Today's low interest rates yield a high tax deduction for arrangements like this so that donors can invest tax savings for additional income.

Tax-wise gift strategies can help to support our work in fighting blood cancers and save lives.  Contact Ed Rodbro, National Director of Planned Giving at legacy@lls.org  or 888-773-9958 for more information.  We will send you our free pamphlet Your Gift, Your Legacy detailing these and other planning strategies. There is never a cost, obligation or sales promotion of any kind associated with your inquiries.

last updated on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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