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What will my payments be?

Age has an advantage when it comes to charitable gift annuities. The older the payment beneficiaries are, the higher the rate paid. The rate is determined by the beneficiaries' ages when the annuity is funded. The rate remains stable for the annuitants' lifetime without concern for stock market fluctuations.

In addition to favorable rates, you'll also enjoy other tax benefits including tax-free income, capital gains tax advantages and a charitable income tax deduction. Please note these rates are effective as of January 2012 and are subject to change.

Below are some sample rates:

Single Beneficiary
Two Beneficiaries
Age Annuity Rate Ages Annuity Rate
70 5.1% 70 & 75 4.8%
75 5.8% 75 & 80 5.4%
80 6.8% 80 & 85 6.1%
85 7.8% 85 & 90 8.8%


Will I receive a tax deduction for my gift and how are my payments taxed?

To receive a complimentary personalized illustration showing your payments and tax benefits, contact our National Director of Planned Giving, at 1-888-773-9958 or legacy@lls.org.


When will I receive my payments?

You can choose quarterly, semiannual or annual payments by either check or a direct deposit to your bank account.


Can I create a gift annuity to benefit someone else?

A gift annuity provides a solution to a special need for some people. For example, an adult child who provides financial support for an older parent might fund a gift annuity for the benefit of the parent(s). In this way, the adult child receives an income tax deduction based on the older age of the parent(s). And the parents receive a rate based on their age.

You can also use a gift annuity to provide a retirement benefit to a valued employee. As in the example above, the donor receives a deduction based on the beneficiary's age.


If I'm under 65, is there an annuity option for me?

Yes, it's called a deferred gift annuity. By deferring payments to a future date, you receive a higher income rate and tax deduction and you still receive a tax deduction in the year you fund the annuity.

A deferred gift annuity can be a good way to combine charitable giving with retirement planning, particularly for those unable to make more tax-free payments to retirement plans.

Below are examples of deferred charitable gift annuities:

Current Age Deferral Annuity Rate
55 10 years 6.4%
60 5 years 5.5%


What should I do next?

To find out if a gift annuity is right for you and to receive a personalized illustration of your rates, deductions and tax benefits, contact our National Director of Planned Giving, at 1-888-773-9958 or legacy@lls.org.

last updated on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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