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Charitable Gift Annuities

With a charitable gift annuity, we pay you to help us cure cancer. Your gift of $10,000 or more can give you lifetime fixed income. Afterwards, the remaining balance will fund blood cancer research to save lives.

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Five Ways You Benefit

Stable income. You will receive identical payments for as long as you live that will not change regardless of market fluctuations.

Attractive Rates. Receive a higher return than many other options. The rate depends on the age(s) of the income recipient(s) when you make the gift and whether the annuity is to pay one person or two. 

Special Savings.

  • a tax deduction in the year you make your gift
  • payments will be partially tax-free throughout your expected life
  • tax on "paper profit" is minimized if you use appreciated stock to fund the annuity

Provide income for others. Charitable gift annuities can make payments to you alone, to you and someone else, or to two others you choose to name.

Leave a lasting legacy. Your charitable gift annuity can provide the long-term research funding that achieves lifesaving breakthroughs.

Sample Payments & Rates

Here are examples of payments to one beneficiary for a $25,000 donation and based on current rates by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

Annuitant's Age





Your Payment Rate*





Your Annual Payment





Your Choose

You have options with your charitable gift annuity.

  • quarterly, semiannual or annual payments
  • immediate payments or higher-rate payments that are deferred to a later date
  • payments for one person or for two people
  • cash gifts to provide maximum tax-free payments, or a gift of appreciated securities to minimize capital gain taxes

See Charitable Gift Annuities: Frequently Asked Questions.

LLS charitable gift annuities are not available to residents of Hawaii or Alabama.

For More Information

To find out if a gift annuity is right for you and to see payments and tax savings based on your age and gift amount, give a call to Lisa Locher or Richard Schneyer at (888) 773-9958 or e-mail us at legacy@LLS.org.

last updated on Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Why LLS?

Your gift will be used to fund vital research and support our patient and community services.

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