someday is today
lls is saving lives today

The Word:


isaac today


lymphoma survivor
location: virginia
in remission since: 2011

family affair

Isaac and his fraternal twin brother Isaiah were born on March 29, 2002. Isaac was a bubbly, high-spirited, lovable child until November 2008. On Thanksgiving Isaac began experiencing pain in his stomach. The pain continued and resulted in a trip to their pediatrician and the emergency room two days before Christmas. After a physical exam and negative x-ray results Isaac was sent home. The day after Christmas the pain became so acute Isaac didn't get out of bed. His father took him back to the emergency room, and after further testing, doctors found a large mass Isaac's abdomen. On New Year's Day 2009 he underwent surgery and a biopsy was taken -- Isaac had lymphoma.

last updated on Friday, February 15, 2013