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The Hope Tree: Kids Talk about Breast Cancer

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The Hope Tree: Kids Talk about Breast CancerBy Laura Joffe Numeroff and Wendy Schlessel Harpham, M.D.
Simon & Schuster Children's; 2001, 32 pages
ISBN: 068984526X
Ages 5 to 10

The serious illness of a parent is challenging to children and families. Based on real situations, the authors have created a fictional support group. The group members are animals of different ages who talk about many universal issues that include: 'finding out,' family meetings, and looking for the good amidst the bad. Beautiful illustrations bring these themes to life and support children to blend disappointment with hope. The vignettes offer tools and practical tips that will help children deal with frightening emotions and give them something positive to do to support their mother and the family as a whole.

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