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Disclaimer: These resources are regularly reviewed to ensure that links still work correctly and the resources listed continue to be helpful to our visitors. If you find that a link isn't working or information is incorrect or if you'd like to have your own organization listed here, please email Because we want to be sure that our visitors find the most relevant resources, we encourage you to visit the organization's website for more detailed information.

American Cancer Fund (ACF)
908 431-9800
Population served: Anyone affected by cancer and needing information

Mission: ACF is dedicated to the education, support and empowerment of those diagnosed with cancer by organizing and clarifying information. Provides information about:

  • Living with Cancer
  • Clinical Trials
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Oral Health

American Cancer Society (ACS)
Contact: 800-227-2345
Population served: People affected by a cancer internationally; programs and services offered to patients and caregivers residing in the United States
Other language(s): Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese

Mission: In the U.S., ACS is a community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

  • Provides education materials both online and in print about cancer, including blood cancers, as well as related information such as diet, exercise, complementary and alternative medicine, and disease statistics
  • Offers support services via online discussion boards and in-person support groups through local chapters
  • Road to Recovery, a program offered locally by some chapters, has volunteer drivers who transport patients to and from treatment appointments
  • Look Good, Feel Better program for female adults and teens helps with self-image during chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Cancer Survivors Network, a global online community, transcends geographic boundaries and builds bonds among cancer survivors and caregivers through shared experiences and feelings.
  • American Cancer Society's Wig Bank provides free wigs from limited supply to needy patients suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment. Intended for those with insufficient insurance coverage for wigs. For more details, click here.
  • Hope Lodges are temporary housing accommodations for patients traveling far from home for treatment. There are more than 30 lodges. For more details, click here

American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS)
Contact: 866-276-7443 (Cancer Support Community helpline)
Population served: Patients, caregivers and oncology professionals in the U.S.

Mission:  To connect cancer patients and their caregivers to psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and counselors skilled in the management of cancer-related distress/psychosocial issues.  APOS strives to advance the science and practice of psychosocial care for people affected by cancer.

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
Population served:  Health professionals

Mission: To improve patient care through education, clinical practice, advancement of science and advocacy.

  • Provides members with the continuing medical education, health policy analysis, patient information resources and advocacy that they need to succeed in today's ever-changing health care delivery system.

Cancer Hope Network
Population served: People diagnosed with cancer and their families in the U.S.
Other language(s): Spanish, French, additional translation services available by phone

Mission:  To provide one-on-one support to people undergoing treatment for cancer and their families.

  • Provides training to individuals who have recovered from cancer so they can be matched with cancer patients currently undergoing a similar experience.

Cancer Support Community (CSC)
Population served: People affected by cancer in the U.S.
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission: To provide support, education and hope to people affected by cancer; to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

  • Offers support through a network of more than 50 local affiliates and 100 satellite locations
  • The Living Room - an online support community where you can connect with others 24/7
  • Cancer Discussion Boards are an online resource available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cover a variety of topics. Receive advice, support and offer tips to other people going through similar cancer experiences.
  • Personal Webpage - create a private, personal webpage to help keep family and friends involved and informed. Blog, post photos or videos, and share your calendar with the people who are close to you; they can send comments and offer support or respond to your request for help as well.
  • Group Loop - an online community designed to address the needs of teens (13-19) touched by cancer to connect to find support, education and hope while dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  For more details click here.
  • Frankly Speaking About Cancer - Offers workshops, publications and digital content.
  • Cancer Transition - an evidence-based programs for cancer survivors who have completed their treatment (in partnership with LIVESTRONG).
  • Open to Options - helps patients identify important questions about treatment options based upon personal needs.

Contact: 800-813-4673
Population served: Individuals, families, caregivers and the bereaved in the U.S. affected by a cancer diagnosis
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission: To provide free, professional support services to individuals, families, caregivers and the bereaved to help them cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges of cancer.

  • Oncology social workers are available for telephone counseling services to provide support, information and resources to help in coping with cancer
  • Offers online support groups and educational publications
  • Connect Education Workshops in which leading experts in oncology provide up-to-date information in one-hour workshops over the telephone or online
  • Door to Door Program for patients with multiple myeloma provides grants to cover transportation costs such as gasoline, taxi, bus or train fare to and from their doctor's office; must meet certain eligibility criteria
  • Financial assistance for transportation, medications, home care, child care, or durable medical equipment may be available for patients in active treatment. Eligibility guidelines vary depending on diagnosis, gender and geographic location. Call for details.
Contact: Website only - available in English and Spanish
Population served: Anyone seeking information on chemotherapy or cancer treatment
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission:® is a website designed to provide the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends. The site focuses on care during chemotherapy including information about FDA approved chemotherapy medications, nutrition, managing side effects and self-care tips. The content is continually updated and reviewed by oncology specialists.

Get Palliative Care (
Contact: Website Only
Population served:  Patients with life-threatening illness and their caregivers
Mission:  To increase the availability of quality palliative care services for all people living with serious illness.   Provides information about palliative care: specialized medical care which provides patients with relief from symptoms, pain and stress Explains how palliative care helps people with specific diseases Provides a directory of hospitals with palliative care teams Offers videos, blog, printed material and other resources including a quiz to help individuals know if palliative care is right for them.

Get Palliative Care
Contact: Website Only
Population served: Patients with life-threatening illness and their caregivers

Mission: To increase the availability of quality palliative care services for all people living with serious illness.

  • Provides information about palliative care: specialized medical care which provides patients with relief from symptoms, pain and stress
  • Explains how palliative care helps people with specific diseases
  • Provides a directory of hospitals with palliative care teams
  • Offers videos, blog, printed material and other resources including a quiz to help individuals know if palliative care is right for them.

Give an Hour 
Website only
Population served: U.S. troops and families affected by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and other post-9/11 conflicts

Mission: Give an Hour asks mental health professionals nationwide to literally donate an hour of their time each week to provide free mental health services to military personnel and their families. Individuals who receive services will be given the opportunity to give an hour back in their own community.

  • In addition to direct counseling services, the providers are working to reduce the stigma associated with mental health by participating in and leading education, training, and outreach efforts in schools and communities and around military bases.

800-652-0155 or website
Population served:  Anyone seeking mental health clinicians in the U.S.

Mission: To improve the public's access to the services of mental health clinicians and organizations. Our vision is that every person in America can readily find mental health services to meet their needs.

  • Therapist Finder carefully identifies users' needs and interests and matches these with our therapists' capabilities. Matching process increases the likelihood that users and therapists will make positive, lasting connections from their very first meeting. Database contains detailed information on thousands of mental health professionals, their services and their organizations across the country.

Imerman Angels
Contact: 877-274-5529
Population served: Anyone with cancer

Mission: To provide personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

  • Provides a unique matching program in which a "Mentor Angel" is partnered with an individual seeking cancer support.  These one?on?one relationships inspire hope and offer support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience.

Kids Konnected
Population served: Children and teens in the U.S. who have a parent diagnosed with a cancer or who have lost a parent to cancer

Mission: Provides "friendship, understanding, education, and support" for children and teens who have a parent with cancer or have lost a parent to cancer.

  • Support groups are headed by Youth Leaders and co-facilitated by licensed professionals; they help kids share their feelings and gain strength from one another
  • Karen's Kids is a bereavement program for kids who have lost a mom or dad to cancer; the five-week program takes a child through the steps of grieving and teaches them how to cope with their tremendous loss
  • Hope the Bear Care Packages are individually tailored to each family; every package includes a "Hope" teddy bear for each child in the family, plus books, workbooks, brochures, and additional information to help the family better cope with cancer
  • Junior Camp is for children from 7 to12 years old; Teen Camp is for those between 13 and 18. Camps provide a fun atmosphere and an opportunity to share and connect with other peers and adults who understand what they are dealing with.

Population served: Cancer patients and survivors in the U.S.
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission: To inspire and empower people affected by cancer; to provide support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together to fight cancer - and work for a world in which their fight is no longer necessary.

  • Provides information on topics that influence the "physical, emotional and practical" effects of cancer
  • Provides free, confidential, one-on-one support to anyone affected by cancer, not just patients, through education, referrals and counseling services
  • Planet Cancer connects young adults and helps them access support, advocacy and resources.
  • LIVESTRONG Fertility- Dedicated to providing reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility. Information about financial resources available here.
  • Maintains a list of LIVESTRONG Survivorship Centers of Excellence, which is comprised of National Cancer Institute(NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers. For more details, click here.
  • Offers The LIVESTRONG Guidebook to help cancer patients and survivors as they navigate the health care system.

MPN Advocacy and Education International
Contact: 517-899-6889
Population served: Patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (Essential Thrombocythemia, Idiopathic Myelofibrosis, Polycythemia Vera), caregivers, professionals worldwide

Mission: To provide the knowledge, support, and resources patients will need as they adjust to living with an MPN.

  • Offers disease, treatment and clinical trial information, educational programs, webcasts
  • Website lists online and in-person support groups worldwide
  • Provides outreach to the entire MPN community to grow awareness, understanding, and a better quality of life for MPN patients.
Contact: Website Only
Population Served: Individuals, families, caregivers

Mission: A non-profit organization that encourages cancer patients and caregivers to create free customized websites.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)
Population served: People touched by cancer in the U.S.
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission: To advocate for quality cancer care for all people touched by cancer.

  • Advocates for changes in how the nation researches, regulates, finances and delivers quality cancer care
  • Empowers cancer survivors through its publications and programs, which provide tools for self-advocacy
  • Convenes other cancer organizations to address nationwide public policy issues affecting cancer survivors
  • Cancer Survival Toolbox is a free, self-learning audio program to help people develop important skills to better meet and understand the challenges of their illness.

Patient Resource Cancer Guides
Population served: Patients and caregivers
Other language(s): Spanish

Mission: To empower people who are suffering with life-altering diseases by giving them the most comprehensive and up-to-date guides to treatment and facilities for their disease free of charge.

  • Provides free educational materials, written for ease of understanding, in print and online.

Single Fathers Due to Cancer
Contact: Website only
Population Served: Single fathers due to cancer

Mission: To help the thousands of fathers who each year lose their spouses to cancer and must adjust to being sole parents.

  • Free online resources
  • Information about local support groups

Stupid Cancer
Contact: 877-735-4673
Population served: Young adult cancer patients and survivors, caregivers

Mission: To empower young adults affected by cancer by building community, improving quality of life and providing meaningful survivorship.

  • Formerly known as I'm Too Young For This
  • Provides listings of resources as well as books, magazines and other media
  • Offers online support groups, forums and message boards, social communities
  • Offers The Stupid Cancer Show, an international talk radio webcast
  • Presents The OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults annual oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement
  • Offers Stupid Cancer Boot Camps - evidence-based, single-topic, one-day mini-OMG! Summits hosted in your local community

The Double Hit Lymphoma Foundation
Contact: 773-574-3073
Population served: Anyone who has been affected by double hit lymphoma (diffuse large B cell lymphoma with MYC and BCL2 translocations)

Mission: To increase awareness of double hit lymphoma, provide information, tools and connections to make the cancer journey more manageable, and to raise funds for double hit lymphoma research.

  • Provides information about clinical trials, treatment options, and healthcare providers
  • Provides support with patient to patient connections program
  • Partners with the Lymphoma Research Foundation for the Lymphoma Education and Advocacy Partners (LEAP) initiative

The National CML Society (NCMLS)
(877) 431-2573
Population served: Patients living with CML and their families

Mission: To bring hope to individuals living with CML through educational resources, access to CML specialists, and a living, breathing network of others that can share their personal CML experiences and successes.

  • CML Connection Program provides a patient support network
  • Facilitates peer-to-peer matching
  • Provides referrals for caregivers, counseling, patient assistance programs, respite, blood and marrow drives
  • Offers Ask The CML Expert online portal
  • Sponsors educational events, wellness programs and retreats.

The Patient/Partner Project
Contact: 909-337-3928 or 800-366-2347
Population served:  Patients and caregivers

Mission: The Patient/Partner Project is a long-term, multi-faceted program focused on raising awareness for and supporting the partners of patients who are seriously ill and thereby supporting the patients themselves.

  • Provides free monthly e-newsletter, articles via email on coping with serious illness, information about stress management, patient/caregiver online forum, online progress reporting on patient or partner, other materials for purchase.

Women Survivors Alliance
Contact: 615-719-0741
Population served: All women cancer survivors

Mission: The Women Survivors Alliance has undertaken a national call to action to address the burdens of survivorship issues on women, their families, and by extension, society as a whole.

  • Hosts an annual National Women Survivors Convention
  • Develops a comprehensive resource with an online magazine format, its dynamic content will include nutrition, exercise, the latest in survivor news, a marketplace, a blog, a directory of cancer organizations across the internet, and more. 
  • One day educational events held in cities across the country, the first one scheduled for 2014. These events will be hosted in partnership with Triage Cancer.
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