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The Myeloma Guide: Information for Patients and Caregivers

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The Myeloma Guide: Information for Patients and CaregiversThis booklet is for people with myeloma and others who want basic information. Many people find that it helps to know the questions to ask about choosing a specialist and about treatment. The Myeloma Guide includes suggested questions to ask your healthcare providers (see the pocket on the inside back cover).

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Some patients have myeloma that grows slowly, called indolent
myeloma. This is sometimes called smoldering myeloma. Some patients
with indolent myeloma do not need treatment right away. But treatment
is needed at some point for most patients. Information about treatment
begins on page 14.

Myeloma that is found in the marrow of many bones in the body is often
called multiple myeloma. Most patients with myeloma have this form of
the disease.

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