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Pictures of My Journey

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Pictures of My JourneyPictures of My Journey, an activity book for kids with cancer, can help children cope with their cancer experiences and assist them in looking forward to their futures. Younger children may enjoy using the book with parents, older siblings, healthcare providers or school staff. School-age children can enjoy the book on their own. However, caregivers may find that using the book with children of any age will help to generate discussion, questions and expression of feelings. Additional resources of interest to children are listed on the back page.

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Choose Your Dream Team. If you could invite anyone in the world, real or imaginary, to be on your "dream team," who would you choose? Your favorite singer? Your best friend? Your teacher? Your favorite basketball player? A character from your favorite book or movie? Make a list of everyone you'd like to have on your team. If you like, you can draw a picture of your dream team.

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