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Long Term and Late Effects of Treatment for Childhood Leukemia or Lymphoma Facts

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Long Term and Late Effects of Treatment for Childhood Leukemia or LymphomaThis fact sheet can help you understand long-term and late effects of childhood blood cancers and provides guidance and resources for dealing with these treatment effects.

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Specific effects depend upon a child?s age, gender, type of treatment and additional factors. The range and severity of potential long-term and late effects vary. Some children will have no significant long-term or late effects or very mild effects, and others may have serious complications. Some long-term and late effects become evident with maturation (puberty), growth and the normal aging process. It is important for all children to be evaluated. Early intervention and healthy lifestyle practices (not smoking, good nutrition and exercise, regular screening and follow-up) may have a positive effect on the occurrence and/ or severity of effects.

last updated on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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