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Request and Reporting Forms

Submit a progress report

***All grantees should have received an email with instructions on how to download and submit progress reports***

For questions please contact Research Programs at (914) 821-8301, (914) 821-8859 or

Progress report forms are now ready for download on Fluxx.

  • Career Development Program
  • Translational Research Program
  • Specialized Center of Research Program

Annual interim progress reports are due every May 1. Final progress reports are also due 60 days after the grant's expiration date. Find out how to submit forms.

Submit a financial report form

Download financial report forms:

The financial officer of the sponsoring institution must submit annual reports that detail how grant funds were expended during the year. These reports must be submitted 60 days after each grant anniversary date. Find out how to submit forms.

Submit a patent/invention disclosure form

You must notify LLS of all patent applications that result from LLS-funded research. Submit patent reports with your annual and final progress reports. Find out how to submit forms.

Request a no-cost extension

You may carry over up to 15 percent of awarded funds from the first year to the second year or from the second year to the third year with prior written approval from LLS. For carryover amounts greater than 15 percent or to carry over any funds after the third year (no-cost extension), you must get written approval from LLS. You must submit a carryover or no-cost extension form to the Director of Research Administration at the address listed under How to Submit Forms.

Request a leave of absence

You must obtain written permission from LLS if you wish to continue a grant at a later date. Leaves of absence are limited to one year.

Submit a request for a transfer

If you transfer to another institution while your grant is in effect, you must obtain prior approval from LLS to continue funding at the new institution. Download the following transfer templates, however you must submit transfer requests online.

How to Submit Forms Electronically

Investigators or their authorized designees must use the following hyperlink to log on and submit their reports: submit annual progress, patents and financial reports online.   In addition to electronic submission, please download and complete the forms above and send a signed hard copy via U.S. mail to:

Attn: Research Department

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

1311 Mamaroneck Ave.

White Plains, NY 10605

Authorized certifying officials must use the following hyperlink to submit a Financial Report:

Authorized certifying officials must use the following hyperlink to submit a Patent Report:

SCOR investigators:  On-line submission of annual SCOR reports is not compatible with our grant management system at this time.  Please download and e-mail completed reports to  Original signed copies should be mailed to the address above and to the attention of the Director of Research Administration. 

Need More Information?

If you have questions about submitting documents, contact the Research Department at the address above or:

Call: (914) 821-8301 or (914) 821-8290


last updated on Friday, April 24, 2015