Our Research Commitment

Last year alone, LLS committed $34.5 million in research dedicated to myeloma. LLS has distributed nearly $164 million in co-pay assistance to myeloma patients since 2007.

Our Commitment

Last year alone, LLS funded $34.5 million in research dedicated to myeloma. LLS has distributed nearly $164 million in co-pay assistance to myeloma patients since 2007. 

"While great progress has been made in multiple myeloma research, there is still much work to be done. LLS is supporting a large portfolio of research seeking to better understand multiple myeloma, help approved therapies work better and support novel approaches to treatment.”

Louis J. DeGennaro, Ph.D., LLS President and CEO

Hear from LLS-funded Researcher

Jonathan Licht, M.D., Director of the UF Health Cancer Center

“On behalf of patients, LLS is investing in a broad spectrum of research and encouraging and sustaining research careers,” said Jonathan Licht, M.D., director of the UF Health Cancer Center.

“LLS understands that the advances in therapies that have occurred in leukemia, multiple myeloma and other blood cancers — including new, strategically targeted drugs that attack the molecular abnormalities of these diseases — arise only with a long-term investment in fundamental research into the genetic changes that cause blood cancers. Through our LLS Specialized Center of Research grant, my colleagues and I have discovered a new mechanism behind the development of multiple myeloma, determined new ways of classifying leukemia and stimulated new clinical trials in lymphoma.”


Myeloma: Past, Present, Future


Over the past fifteen years, advances in research have dramatically changed the treatment of myeloma. During this time, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has approved 17 new myeloma treatments. These advances have resulted in a significant improvement of overall survival, and these survival rates are expected to continue to increase.


Despite recent advances leading to increased survival rates, relapse occurs in almost all patients. This can lead to prolonged treatment that can require a lifetime of medical intervention. Last year alone, LLS committed $34.5 million in myeloma research in addition to our patient-support services and advocacy efforts. As a leading funder of myeloma research, LLS recently launched a major initiative to tackle myeloma by significantly increasing this investment over the next five years. Through this investment, we are accelerating science in order to improve the lives of those impacted by myeloma.


LLS is driving a comprehensive, multipronged approach to discover myeloma cures. We are continuing to invest in the emerging field of immunotherapy, which is showing promising results for myeloma patients. We are investing in precision medicine to better understand the genetic underpinnings of myeloma to develop more effective, targeted treatments. We are supporting research to improve current treatments and discovering ways to prevent precursor diseases from developing into myeloma. Our long-term research investment will help save and improve the lives of myeloma patients.

Breakthroughs in Myeloma Treatments


Breakthroughs in Myeloma Treatments



Proteasome inhibitor: inhibits the proteasome enzyme that regulates cell activity

Immunomodulatory: stimulates the immune system to fight the cancer

Monoclonal antibody: Helps the immune system find the cancer cells

Histone deacytalase (HDAC): targets a class of enzymes involved in gene expression

"BET" inhibitors: target a class of proteins that play a role in myeloma

Immune checkpoint inhibitors: unleash the immune system by targeting the proteins that block the immune system's activity

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy (CAR-T): using genetically engineered immune T cells to target the cancer

Vaccine: stimulate the patient's immune system through combined use of peptides (small proteins) and adjuvants (substance that enhances the body's immune response)

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