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Cancer patients need our help all year round, but on this day of giving, you can provide special support.

LLS devotes the money we raise to the most promising cancer research of our time and we are making progress. In 2017, we have seen 12 FDA approvals for blood cancer therapies. We have a proven track record in finding cures and ensuring access to treatments. But there is more to be done and we need your help.

Help us celebrate this day of generosity and beginning of the giving season by making a donation.

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12 new FDA approvals for blood cancer therapies

4 new AML drugs approved after 40 year of little progress

$40 million to support two new FDA-approved CAR T-cell immunotherapies

$323 million in co-pay funding for patients in need since inception

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In 2013, I was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer called papillary thyroid carcinoma. Thankfully, it was caught early enough so I didn't need chemotherapy, but the treatment was still difficult. I was determined not to allow my illness to affect my daily life, so I accepted my new lifestyle changes and started being more conscious about my health.

Last year, I started experiencing abdominal pains so I didn't hesitate to go to the doctor. I was told I needed to see a hematologist because my white blood cell count was off the charts. I soon found out that I had chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

I am currently on a daily treatment pill, and the doctors have been monitoring my blood levels to make sure everything is under control. I am feeling physically fine now, but the stress of dealing with this type of diagnosis has been overwhelming. I've always tried to find positivity in every situation, and it's been really great seeing family, friends, and even complete strangers come together to show their support.