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interleukin-6 (IL-6) receptor
How the drug is given:
intravenous or subcutaneous use

Indications and Usage

Tocilizumab is approved for the treatment of adults and pediatric patients 2 years of age and older with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell-induced severe or life-threatening cytokine release syndrome (CRS).

CRS, which is caused by an overactive immune response, has been identified as a potentially severe and life-threatening side effect of CAR T cell therapy for certain cancers.

Side effects needing medical attention

Upper respiratory tract infections, nasopharyngitis (inflammatory attack of the pharynx and nasal cavities), headache, hypertension, increased ALT (alanine aminotransferase [enzyme]) and injection site reactions.



See full prescribing information for complete boxed warning.

  • Serious infections leading to hospitalization or death including tuberculosis (TB), bacterial, invasive fungal, viral, and other opportunistic infections have occurred in patients receiving Actemra.
  • If a serious infection develops, interrupt Actemra until the infection is controlled.
  • Perform test for latent TB; if positive, start treatment for TB prior to starting Actemra.
  • Monitor all patients for active TB during treatment, even if initial latent TB test is negative. 
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