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Generic name Lenalidomide
Pronunciation len-a-LID-oh-mide
Brand name(s), other common name(s) Revlimid®
Drug type  Immunomodulator
How the drug is given By mouth

Lenalidomide is FDA approved

  • In combination with dexamethasone to treat patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.
  • In combination with dexamethasone, to treat patients with myeloma who have received at least one prior therapy.
  • To treat transfusion-dependent anemia in patients with a certain type of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) called 5q MDS. Patients with this type of MDS may have low red blood cell counts and require blood transfusions. 
  • To treat patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) whose disease has relapsed or progressed after two prior therapies, one of which included bortezomib (Velcade®).

Side effects needing medical attention: Arm or leg swelling; black, tarry stools; bleeding gums; blood in urine or stools; chest pain; chills; cough; convulsions; decreased urine or painful or difficult urination; difficult or labored breathing, shortness of breath or wheezing; dry mouth; fever; increased thirst; irregular heartbeat; loss of appetite; lower back or side pain; mood changes; muscle pain or cramps; nausea or vomiting; numbness or tingling in hands, feet or lips; pale skin; pinhead-sized red spots on skin; sore throat; sores, ulcers or white spots on lips or in mouth; swollen glands; tightness in chest; unusual bleeding or bruising; unusual tiredness or weakness.


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last updated on Wednesday, February 18, 2015