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Cancer treatment's goal is to harm or kill cancer cells. Your treatment options are based on several factors that vary depending on the disease. Some factors may include:

  • the type of blood cancer
  • your disease's subtype, phase, category and/or stage
  • your cytogenetic analysis results
  • your overall health
  • your symptoms
  • your white cell count
  • the cancer cells' location
  • your rate of disease progression
  • whether you've had cancer in the past and subsequent chemotherapy to treat it
  • whether you've had another blood cancer in the past
  • whether the cancer is in your central nervous system
  • whether you have an infection in your bloodstream (systemic infection)
  • whether you're pregnant
  • the effect treatment may have on the quality of your life

After considering the above factors, your doctor will recommend one or more of the following treatments:

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