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Cancer treatment weakens your immune systems. This puts you at increased risk for food-borne illness. It's essential that you handle food properly and safely. Here are some ways you and your family can help keep your food safe:

  • Keep your hands, counters, dishes, cutting boards and utensils clean.
  • Change sponges and dishtowels often.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Use separate dishes, cutting boards and utensils for preparing raw meat, fish or poultry.
  • Thaw frozen items in the microwave or refrigerator, not on the kitchen counter.
  • Use a food thermometer to make sure that meat is fully cooked.
  • Read the expiration dates on food products and look for signs of food spoilage. If in doubt, throw it out.
last updated on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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