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Understanding Different Types of Treatments

Treatment options vary for the different types of blood cancer. Your choices depend on your specific diagnosis, age, cytogenetic analysis (an examination of the chromosomes in your marrow, blood, and lymph node cells), overall health and other factors.

Your treatment plan might include:

Surgery can be, but usually isn't, a part of treatment for cancers that involve the blood and marrow.

When you talk with your doctor about a treatment plan, you'll likely have questions about the treatment options he or she recommends. Download a list of key questions you should ask your doctor about treatment.

Clinical Trials

Advances in cancer treatment depend on clinical trials of new therapies or new therapy combination. Researchers can design a clinical trial to test new treatment that improves response or quality of life for patients at any treatment stage.

Talk to your doctor about whether treatment in a clinical trial is a good option for you.

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