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Making Treatment Decisions

Gathering Information and Support

Adults living with blood cancer need to make decisions related to treatment, family, work or school and finances. If your child has been diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma, you must make similar decisions for your son or daughter.

You'll need to choose:

  • the oncology practice, hospital or center where your treatment will take place
  • the specialist who'll develop and coordinate the treatment plan
  • the type of treatment

To make decisions, you need information to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options. Throughout treatment and survivorship, you'll also be making choices about financial considerations and support issues.

We're Here to Help

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society can help right from the start or at any point in your process. To get in touch with an information specialist, call (800) 955-4572 or email us. The information specialists - master's level social workers and health educators - can talk with you about current, disease-related information.

last updated on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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